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What are lease concessions?

Lease concessions are incentives or perks that a landlord may offer to a tenant in order to entice them to lease a commercial property. These concessions can take many forms, such as discounted rent rates, free rent periods, or improvements to the property.

Lease concessions are often used by landlords to attract tenants in a competitive market, or to retain existing tenants who may be considering moving to a different property. They can be an important consideration for tenants when evaluating the overall cost and value of leasing a commercial property.

There are many different types of lease concessions that a landlord may offer, including:

  1. Rent concessions - These may include discounts on the rent rate, free rent periods, or rent abatements (temporary reductions in rent).

  2. Property improvements - A landlord may offer to make improvements to the property, such as installing new flooring or painting the walls, in order to make the space more attractive to a tenant.

  3. Flexibility - A landlord may offer flexibility in terms of the lease term or renewal options, in order to accommodate the needs of the tenant.

  4. Services - A landlord may offer additional services, such as on-site property management or maintenance, as a way to make the property more appealing to a tenant.

It's important to carefully consider the terms of any lease concessions offered by a landlord, as they can significantly impact the overall cost and value of the lease.

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