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What is a Mixed-Use Development?

A mixed-use development is a type of real estate development that combines multiple uses, such as residential, commercial, and/or industrial, within a single development project. Mixed-use developments can take many different forms, such as a building or complex that includes both residential and commercial space, or a neighborhood that includes a mix of different types of uses.

Mixed-use developments are often designed to create a more vibrant and diverse community by providing a range of amenities and services within a single location. They may include a mix of housing types, such as apartments, townhomes, and single-family homes, as well as retail stores, restaurants, offices, and other types of commercial and civic uses.

Mixed-use developments can be an attractive option for developers, as they can provide a more diverse range of income streams and can be more resilient to market fluctuations. They can also be attractive to residents and businesses, as they offer the convenience of being able to live, work, and shop in a single location.

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