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What is a Neighborhood Center?

A neighborhood center is a type of retail development that serves the everyday shopping needs of the surrounding community. Neighborhood centers are typically smaller than larger, regional shopping centers and are designed to provide convenient access to a variety of retail and service establishments.

Neighborhood centers are typically located in residential areas and are intended to serve the needs of the local community. They may include a mix of stores, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, restaurants, and other types of retail establishments. Neighborhood centers may also include service-oriented businesses, such as hair salons, dry cleaners, and fitness centers.

The size and scope of a neighborhood center can vary significantly. Some may be as small as a single standalone building, while others may be larger developments with multiple buildings and a greater variety of stores and services. The goal of a neighborhood center is to provide the types of goods and services that are most commonly needed by the local community, in a convenient and accessible location.

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