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What is a QSR?

QSR stands for "Quick Service Restaurant." This term refers to a type of restaurant that offers fast food or other types of quick, convenient meals. QSRs are typically characterized by counter service, where customers place their orders at a counter and then either wait for their food to be prepared or take it to go. QSRs often have limited seating and a focus on take-out or drive-thru service.

Some examples of QSRs include fast food chains like McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's, as well as other types of restaurants that offer quick, convenient meals, such as pizzerias, sandwich shops, and coffee shops. QSRs are popular because they offer affordable, tasty meals that can be prepared and served quickly. They are often located in busy, high-traffic areas, such as near highways, shopping centers, and other commercial districts.

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