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What is Commercial Zoning?

Commercial zoning refers to the designation of a particular area or property for use for commercial purposes, such as retail stores, offices, or industrial facilities. Commercial zoning is typically established by local governments as part of the land use planning process, and it is intended to regulate the types of businesses and activities that can take place in a particular area.

Commercial zoning codes typically specify the types of businesses that are allowed to operate in a particular zone, as well as the types of buildings and structures that can be constructed in the area. These codes may also regulate the size and layout of commercial buildings, the parking requirements for businesses, and the types of signage that can be used.

Commercial zoning is often distinguished from residential zoning, which is designated for the construction and use of residential properties such as houses and apartments. Local governments use zoning codes to regulate land use in order to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the community, as well as to protect the value of the surrounding properties.

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