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What is Owner-User Real Estate?

In the context of real estate, an owner-user is someone who purchases a property for their own personal or business use rather than as an investment. This means that the owner intends to occupy the property themselves or use it for their own business operations, rather than buying it with the intention of reselling it or leasing it to someone else.

Owner-users may be individuals or companies, and they may purchase a wide range of different types of real estate, including residential properties, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. Some common examples of owner-users include small business owners who purchase a storefront or office space, or individuals who buy a house or apartment to live in.

When an owner-user purchases a property, they typically do so with the intention of occupying it for an extended period of time, often many years. As a result, they often put more effort into maintaining and improving the property than an investor might, as they are focused on creating a comfortable and functional space for their own use.

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