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What is ULI?

ULI (Urban Land Institute) is a global research and education organization that focuses on land use, real estate development, and urban planning. It is a membership-based organization that brings together a diverse group of professionals from the public, private, and non-profit sectors to share knowledge and best practices related to land use and development.

ULI was founded in 1936 and has members in more than 100 countries. It provides a range of resources and services to its members, including educational programs, research and data, networking opportunities, and industry events.

ULI is involved in a number of initiatives and activities that support the real estate and land use industries, including research, education, and professional development. It also publishes a variety of industry-related publications and reports and provides a range of resources and tools for professionals in the real estate and land use sectors.

As a proud member of ULI, I'd be honored to leverage my network to help you achieve your commercial real estate goals. If you're interested in buying, selling, and/or leasing commercial property in Louisville, KY, and its surrounding areas, I'd love the opportunity to help you! Feel free to give me a call at 502-536-7315 or email me at

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