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What is Usable Square Footage?

Usable square footage (USF) refers to the amount of space within a building or property that is available for use by the occupants. It is calculated by measuring the interior floor space of a building, including the space within walls, but excluding structural elements such as columns and beams. Usable square footage is typically used to determine the size of a property or building and can be used to compare properties of different sizes or to determine the rental rate or value of a property.

Usable square footage is different from gross square footage, which includes all of the space within a building, including structural elements and any common areas such as hallways and stairwells. Net square footage, on the other hand, is the usable square footage minus any common areas.

In commercial real estate, usable square footage is often used to determine the size of an office space or other business property, and it is typically included in lease agreements to help tenants understand the size of the space they are leasing.

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